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I’m thinking there were some posts from this site that were lost when this site went down for a little while and then came back. There was a French person who commented about the spider system on here. I think I remember him saying that the sliders added more flotation in the deep snow. About 50% for the middle replacement of the two wheels and about 75-100% more flotation with the front 3 wheels replaced with a slider. You are sacrificing ride comfort and more noise for the better flotation in the deeper snow.
There is a Facebook page from Quebec called “Les amateurs d’autoniege/snowmobile du Quebec” where they show all their bombardiers and the various slider systems they use.
Some use wood for the bottom slider, others look like they are using a UHMW material I would think.
From what I see when you use the longer slider, two of the axles are in a pocket where they slide back and forth for tilt movement.

V8 Engines / Re: 318 to 350
« on: March 09, 2020, 08:28:05 pm »
No pictures at the moment. I'd have to pull the track and sprocket off for that. I can do this for you later. I used a sprint car dual pedal assembly, ford 4x4 rotors which fit perfectly on the axles, 1976 Chevy 4x4 calipers and pads, homemade brackets for the calipers welded to the backside of the rear end and I made my own hubs for the sprockets to bolt on to the 9" rear end.

V8 Engines / Re: 318 to 350
« on: March 09, 2020, 07:40:59 pm »
This is a narrow gauge. Shoving a V8 in was not easy as there is very little room compared to the wide gauge and not much room left over for exhaust. Those are sand rail headers made for California noise restrictions of 95 dB. They are on the opposite side of the engine they were meant for and upside down. When I ordered them I thought they would sit higher but it is what it is. The cut outs are angled and have never given me trouble. When I made them, I jacked up the track and made sure they didn't hit the cut outs.
 If the bombardier ever gets in to overdrive gear it does move quite well but I can still over rev quite easily. I use a ford 9" rear end due to the fact it's easy to change gears. I've gone all the way from 4.11 gears down to 2.47 gears, and that's as low as I can go because thats the lowest gear made for it.The rear end has been narrowed down and I installed disc brakes on both sides that run on separate manual pedals. The left/ right brake make it so much easier to turn.
 It's a work in progress and still needs lots of attention. I'd like to build a slider system for it to help flotation as there is extra weight from the engine and transmission.There's been much debate on here about sliders but they are superior in deep snow, not on trail or rough terrain I'd suppose. I've built a slider system set of tracks for my f150 and the bombardier can't even compete with it in the deep snow. The truck will sit on top of the snow and the bombardier sinks to the bottom due to the wheels beating the snow up. It actually shreds the snow to powder causing it to sink and the truck tracks pack the snow as it moves creating the stability.
 I agree a 318 or 360 would be much simpler,quicker and cheaper to do than what I did. People also want to stick to originality and i get that. The original flat head was not in this bombardier when I got it. It had a ford 300 with 2 speed transmission crudely installed and I wasn't happy with it. What I did was complete over kill but I guess I just wanted to see if I could pull it off. They've been running 5.3s in Yellowstone for a while now with all the emissions involved as well, and they seemed quite happy with them.

V8 Engines / Re: 318 to 350
« on: March 08, 2020, 09:22:29 pm »
Here is the 6.0 installed.

V8 Engines / Re: 318 to 350
« on: February 18, 2020, 10:08:05 pm »
2wd trucks are harder to find with the combo you want, but not impossible. Look for the 3/4 to 1 ton vans. They are usually equipped with the TH400 or 4L80E transmissions to the engines you want already. I'm running a 6.0 LQ9 engine with either a TH400 or 4L80E transmission. I have a separate computer programmed for either engine/transmission combination. You will also need to modify your harness to work in the bombardier. I got lucky and found a guy who made the harnesses for the bombardier's in Yellowstone national park.

V8 Engines / Re: 318 to 350
« on: February 11, 2020, 07:53:38 pm »
You would probably be better off putting a 4.8, 5.3 or 6.0 vortec engine in. More power and easy to find. You'll still need a wiring harness, computer, fuel pump and regulator, also a proper flex plate and spacer for the th400 to mount to the block. There''s other options such as electric fans, drive by cable or wire (electric gas petal) and having your computer configured to what transmission you choose. You could also put a carburated 350 in as well, but you asked about fuel injection.
I'm not trying to discourage you and think its a great idea. There's a few things involved in installing fuel injection in a bombardier. I've done it and it cost me quite a bit of money but love the result.

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