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Only One track driving 1963 R12

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Thge other day The R/H track started to spin on ice when we were loading the machine onto our trailer. Today taking he machine off the trailer and putting it in the garage , it sounded like it was slipping again. R/H side, so I got out to check it. The R/H track had jumped off. The rubber drive sprocket turns all directions. It should be locked up?Correct?????? This is all new to me. I am wondering if I broke an axel??
Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Bob

FORD F-150:
The diff may be an open diff, which is a problem with getting stuck. Another thing to look for is the diff movement from shifting into gear from foreword to reverse and vise versa. If that's the case, your ubolts for the diff may be worn out, hope this helps

Thank you Ford F-150 for your reply. That explains it then. Only the right track when slipping is being is being driven but on good going the diff is providing equal traction.
Thanks again for the confirmation.  A very good tutorial on You Tube can be found at


Hello Followers, I have been doing a lot of research into the differential in my 63 R 12. JUst to inform you that it is a Dana/Spicer 44 as stamped in the casting web.
They were used in a lot of vehicles including Dodge Trucks and even farm combines. All makes including GM and Ford and was being used up until recently.

FORD F-150:
Yes, most bombers came in a Dana 44 and Dana 60. The one I have came with a Dana 60 semi floating diff, I plan on getting a full floating diff with maybe a 4.10 or 3.90 gear ratio limited slip (posi). If you can upgrade your diff to a posi track, I advise you to do so just to improve traction when you need it as opposed to an open diff where you can get stuck on nothing (happened to me before) when towing a sled with a load.

Best of luck

Ford F-150


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