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Sliding window regulators
« on: March 18, 2011, 03:43:09 pm »

Here is an email I got from the fellow involved in doing Jeff's bomber.
Hello Claude,
Thanks For the compliment!
I’m not sure what type of paint he’s using . Jeff’s friend is doing the paint work as to the hinges I sourced them from Allegis corp.
There’s two types available.
PN 2432-2  7/32 offset
PN 24321-4  5/16 offset
I used both types on Jeff’s  rig.
I look forward to seeing it completed as well.
I will send more update pictures when it comes back for glass and other work.
Remember this picture ? It is in this catalog. Looks like everything is there, except the glass.

 Here is a bit of info on it. They come enclosed or open styles.
85 Series Window Regulators 
•Enclosed, straight lift, rust-resistant design
•Straight up-and-down pull principle prevents sticking or jamming
•Many lengths available
•Left or right hand configuration
•Endless heavy duty chain with 12 gauge welded steel links are tested to 500 lbs. tensile strength
•Chain operates over large diameter Delrin sprockets which are fully resistant to moisture and temperature changes
•Glass channel, chrome plated handle and rosette are included
•Steel construction with rust proof coating
•Please contact our sales department for ordering information
   I thought some of you folks might be interested... 

after covering a few acres of prime real estate.