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Hello out there and I just want to say that this forum is a great way for us Snowbus guys to move information around. I'm down here in Sault Ste Marie restoring a R63 which I got off a retired fisherman who used to work Lake Nipigon. It has been a long endeavour but interesting.
Has anyone ever come up with a reliable braking system. The drum brake on the transmission is not the most reliable way to use in a continuous operation. It would seem to me that some sort of hydraulic hand operated master cylinder and caliper and disc could be mounted on the input pinion of the Differential 
Any ideas or suggestions out there
Have a great winter and be careful

Yup, Snowbusman, that would be a good idea. Caliper/rotor
I had a new pads installed on my drum shoes, but do not
use it much .it is flimsy.  better idea might b to install a rotor
infront of the tranny, because there is more room to facilitate, there.

I have a 62 wide gauge.with 313 v8.


Hi there Skenman
Thaqnk you for the return. I have a 63 machine which has the313 eng. with the 3 speed standard. Notice I said had.
I am converting it to a 727 automatic which I was able to find and have rebuilt in Thunder Bay. The 727 is early vintage (aluminum) from a push button chrysler so it has the rear brake drum. The shifter has been modified to a pistol grip shifter. The engine crankshaft required some modification. I wanted to stay with the Poly. I had one in my Shepherd runabout so I've had experience with them. This project has been going for 6 years now but we just bought a new house with a heated shop. I plan on bringing her home this spring and start working on it full time. It just to find the time. Years ago I talked to a fellow in the Kirkland Lake area and he talked about his installation of brakes on the differential. I 'll try to find his name in my notes and touch bases with him.

Hello Snowbusman
 I have always thought modernizing the Bombardier braking system would be a welcome modification.  I have done a few caliper brake rig ups.  We purchase a small rotor and caliper assembly to match,weld a flange on the pinion yoke to bolt the rotor on to.  A mount must be designed and welded to the diff to attach the caliper.  I am trying to locate a hydraulic caliper assembly with a mechanical lever and cam that can be connected to an emergency brake cable.  I will soon have this part no. available.  The brake slave cylinder can be set up in many ways.  I hope the pictures will help you out for ideas.


Thanks Cletus for the great information
I think I sent this yesterday but it has not appeared.
Would you be interested in doing this modification on others machines or at least supplying drawings and part description.
When I used to Drag race we used a thing called Line Lock which was electrical and locked the brake system. Maybe something like that would work for the parking brake as long as it doesn't need power when in the locked position.
Well keep in touch


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