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the old trucker:
Can anyone e-mail me a couple close up pics of a rim for a bombardier . Side on, 45, & one for width. The one with the small hub. my e-mail is ;;

the old trucker:
I guess I should have said I have been talking to a supplier of differant rims. He says he needs a few specs of the rim. The hole diameter that the stub axle goes into & the total depth between the inner & outer bearing. Also I need the width for the tire bead, I think it's 4"?? Lastly I need to know if there is any offset to the rim. I would think it's centered. I've heard people saying it's hard to get rims for these bombers. Someone told me some people are stealing rims right off the machines. If that's right, wouldn't you want to try & curb that problem by helping me with info to try & find a solution. I am pleased to be a member of this forum. If there's anything I can do to help out any of you by way of this forum please let me know by posting a little message. I find that there is a lot of looking, but I don't see a lot of talking going on. That is how we all learn. We all have problems with these machines, so lets get busy & talk about it on this great forum. Help you neighbour & he'll help you. Remember, if YOU can't help us, We can't help YOU.  I apolige if I have offended anyone.   Thank You 

You are 100% correct on the number of people looking for information and not offering any. There are allot of very knowledgable people out there on this site that know a great deal but for whatever reason choose to remain silent. I know some members that tried sending direct emails to other members asking questions and never receive a response.
As your post here, "Bombardier Rims" goes to show. There were 20 views of the post, but when it was just information you were asking for, no one bothered trying to provide any help. If, on the other hand, you were selling bombardier rims, you would most likely be on your third page with inquires asking how much and how many you had.
If there is no one on this site that doesn't have a rim to measure, then they are in a shorter supply than I thought.
Those websites you gave us for possible suppliers for lights, door handles, wiper motors etc.. have been very useful to me. There's allot of intreseting products out there that may be useful to us for our machines, but we may never find the sites. It's nice when someone posts them for others to look at and maybe use.

the old trucker:
   Good day to the members of this fine forum. I have found two dealers that say they have a couple of " NEW " rims in stock. They are supposed to fit the old bombardier snow bus, he says. One dealer is out west, & the other is down this way, for the east coast.
   I told him I was looking for a rim to fit a 47 to 70 bomber. I am not sure if I'm right in saying that they fit all. That's where you people come into play.
   I think if I had the right bearing #'s & specs of those wheels, I could confirm those with dimensions of this new rim. They said they would be expensive.
   I just want to make sure I give you the right information. And yes you are right in saying I have nothing else to do. Total disability changes life in the blink of an eye.
   Looking forward to your help, to help yourself !          
                                                       The Old Trucker  10-4

hey old trucker how is it going? have a little info on those rims. the bearings  that fit that rim are #15112 in timken brand for the backside of the rim and #09074 in timken brand for the frontside of the rim. i don't know the exact size of the diameter of the rim hole. i hope that helps you out.


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